Know what the papoy project is.

Papoy token is a token created with project swap and Exchange. The Papoy Swap project will launch as early as Q4 2021, and will then continue with the Exchange project. With this Papoy Token, it is hoped that holders can transact comfortably.

Buy Token

CONTRACT : 0x81b464a82448c508129d0483f7e30d0d61d1403b

More than 200 markets traded

more than 200 markets traded by on papoy exchange


We have the feature of converting from usdt to musdt.

Auto Farming

farming will automatically run on papoy exchange.


with QIRS will make it easier for investors to deposit funds from banks or others.


secure wallet equipped with KYC.

Coin listing

Papoy exchange accept coin listings with some conditions.

multiple products

Our Product

some of the products you can get at PAPOY Project.

Counting Down

We have a counting down platform that anyone can use.

Papoy DEX

Papoy DEX or decentralized is a product that can be used to swap on the BEP 20 network.

Papoy Exchange

This papoy exchange is our biggest project, and made it our main product.



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Token Name: PAPOYBSC
Token Simbol: PAPOYBSC
Token Decimal: 9
Blokchain Binance Smart Chain
Marketing 3 % we have a transparent marketing address and we will use the funds to increase the token price and make the famous papoy token
Liquidity 5% Automatically from every buy or sell transaction, 5% token will be sent to the Liquidity pool
Burn Tokens 2% Burn Tokens This 2% burn tokens will automatically be executed for every transaction, buy and sell so that it will quickly make Papoy tokens rare
Charity 2% We will donate this charity fund gradually so it doesn't make the price drop
Holder Distribution 5% we will reward by distributing 5% tokens for every buy or sell to the holders

Company Roadmap

a picture of the journey we will take.

Phase 1

Website V 1.0 launch
500 Telegram members
Pre-Sale (Failed)
White paper V 1.0
Building community

Phase 2

Influencer Youtube, Twitter, and Telegram
Papoy Countdown Platform Launch
1000 Telegram member
Coingecko Submitted
Techrate Audit Submitted
Website V2 Launching

Phase 3

Meme Contest (on progress)
VIP Card Member (on progress)
Marketing Influencer

Phase 4

Big Partnership
Big Marketing
Listing on CEX
Website Redesign
Papoy Swap Launch

Phase 5

Company Legal Management
Big Marketing
Listing on top CEX
Papoy Exchange Launch (Beta)
Papoy Exchange Final Launch

Executive Team

Papoy Team

This is the papoy project team.

Hafidz Fadhli
CEO Papoy Project
Jacky Briand
IT Support
Marketing Lead
Ask Anything


This is one of the records when we presented the PAPOY Token.

we have done a live AMA or Doxxed with an Indonesian youtuber, this is proof that we are serious and want to raise PAPOY Token.

Our Blog

This is some news about papoy token that we can present

Contact With Us

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